The strength and flexibility of RASTRA makes it the ideal building solution for single and, multi-family homes, industrial and commercial projects of all sizes.

Single Family Homes

Rising energy costs and increased focus on building green has increased the number of single family homes built with ICFs to increase approximately 25% each year for the past several years.


Energy experts tell us that up to 40% of a home's heat loss is through the ground. RASTRA creates the perfect solution for basement walls for locking out winter, and keeping warm, heated air inside.


Townhouses, condominiums, apartments and hotels represent a rising and significant application for RASTRA. Due to need for increased firewall protection and sound deadening between units, RASTRA is becoming an increasingly popular and cost effective solution.


About 1/3 of all ICFs are used in commercial construction. In addition to lowering operating costs, building with RASTRA can significantly decrease construction cycle times. Commercial uses of RASTRA - for hotels and motels, retail and professional buildings, warehouses, cold storage, schools and churches, theaters, and others - are all rapidly growing applications.

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