Production and licensing

RASTRA is manufactured under license by RASTRA Licensing, the holder of the worldwide rights or its subsidiaries.


Licenses are territorial and available in certain countries outside the U.S.A. A license can be in form of a joint venture or based on license fees. Continuous updated information, exchange of ideas between licensees and the licensor, common advertising, access to test results and approvals are some of the services provided for RASTRA licensees. RASTRA also supplies and installs the production machinery, which best serves the licensed territory.

The RASTRA panels are molded in a special process. THASTYRON, the name given to the raw material, is compacted by applying pressure before panels are set upon a pallet for curing.

RASTRA panels are cut to exact dimensions after they have been cured. This guarantees small tolerances and straight and even walls. Even the production process is designed to protect our environment, as no energy is used to cure the panels. On average only 1-3kWh is needed to produce each RASTRA element. During production, no byproducts are set free which may be considered harmful to the environment, and all production waste is immediately recycled into new product.


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