Let’s face it, everything you hold most dear are probably held inside your home. Can you think of any reason to compromise on safety? Instead of upgrading appliances, let us help you upgrade your walls.

One of the most important features of any building is its ability to protect human life. RASTRA’s steel reinforced concrete grid provides a safe and secure environment. Safety features include:

  • Highly fire resistant – 4 hour rated @2000°F; material will not ignite; produces no toxins
  • Fire tests concluded a Flame Spread of 0 and Smoke Density of 5 (450 is permissible)
  • Effective against hurricane force winds
  • Effective barrier from wind-driven debris.
  • Earthquake tested up to magnitude level 8.5
  • Cleaner indoor air quality

Because the concrete in RASTRA steel-reinforced concrete walls cures to strength at least about 20% stronger than conventionally poured concrete, walls are stronger when it comes to standing up to the elements including tornados, hurricanes and even earthquakes.

Fire safety is another benefit of RASTRA. When independent tests applied a constant 2000° F flame to a fixed point from one side of an unfinished RASTRA panel for 5 hours, the opposite side of the panel realized a temperature increase of only 7° F with no ignition. Temperature inside the concrete skeleton was only 195°F, not affecting the structural integrity of the wall. Fire tests concluded that RASTRA has a Flame Spread of 0 (150 is permissible) and Smoke Density of 5 (450 is permissible).

These pictures represent two ICF homes left standing after natural disasters among debris fields once occupied by wood frame homes.



ICF house after a hurricane in Tennessee.


2. View of New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina.
The only House still standing in this area was built with ICF.

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