Traditional wood frame construction is prone to decay and insects. As lumber ages, it twists and warps. Over time walls loosen and eventually weaken. Gaps appear that allow destructive moisture to gain access. In fact, most stucco cracks are actually caused by substrate walls moving as lumber ages – this problem is virtually eliminated with RASTRA. RASTRA is dimensionally stable and provides a more watertight layer of protection to reduce maintenance. Wood rot is a thing of the past.

Because RASTRA is dimensionally stable, owners enjoy lower maintenance costs. There’s no wood to rot, no insects, paint lasts longer and stucco cracks are practically eliminated. HVAC units turn on/off less often ~ last longer.

Maintenance is reduced in several areas that save time and money for the life of the property. Reduced maintenance costs contribute to a lower cost-of-ownership, a good selling feature when you sell.

Painting ~ Because RASTRA does not expand and contract like wood, paint is less susceptible to cracking and lasts longer.

Wood Rot ~ Eliminating wood frames eliminates wood rot caused by moisture and insects.

Stucco ~ Most stucco cracks are caused by the natural movement of substrate walls moving as wood frames twist and warp. RASTRA is dimensionally stable and greatly reduces stucco cracks.

HVAC ~ Because the interior air is better controlled, the HVAC unit doesn’t have to work as hard or often. Fewer on-off ‘cycles’ reduces wear and tear on the HVAC unit and extends its useful service life.

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