RASTRA serves as an excellent sound barrier. The increased mass and density of 10” – 14” thick walls keeps outside noise from penetrating the exterior wall. Compared to typical wood frame walls, 75 - 85% less sound passes through a RASTRA wall.

When owners of 74 new ICF homes and 73 new wood frame homes were asked what features they liked, over 60% of ICF homeowners mentioned the quietness of their homes, versus only 2% of wood frame homeowners.

Interior walls built with RASTRA reduce the movement of airborne sound from one room to another. Privacy is enhanced.

Buildings built with RASTRA have a noticeable "quietness". RASTRA provides more than sufficient for separation walls between apartments, condominiums, offices and hotels. RASTRA is an excellent solution for sound-sensitive rooms such as theater rooms, sound studios or media rooms. Surround sound systems sound better in rooms built with RASTRA.

In independent testing, a RASTRA wall measured a transmission loss of 50 dB according to ASTM Standard E90-97. By comparison, a 2x4 wood-frame wall filled with fiberglass insulation and with ½” drywall on both sides has a sound transmission class of 36. A sound transmission class of 50 is considered inaudible.

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